Combatting Misinformation on the Covid-19 Vaccines

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Over the last 12 months there has been an abundance of misinformation on the topic of Covid-19 and its associated vaccines. This article will debunk many of those conspiracy theories and myths, which are being pushed by extremist groups with dangerous agendas.

Does the Covid-19 vaccine provide better protection against the virus than natural immunity?

No, natural immunity provides better protection against the virus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

According to the results from a clinical study of the virus in the Israeli population, “The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine”

The studies, completed on tens of thousands of Israeli’s, shows that *“the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 was 27 times higher among the vaccinated, and the risk of hospitalization eight times higher.” *as noted by trusted Scientists at

Can vaccinated people still spread the virus?

Yes, vaccinated people can still spread the virus.

CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, noted that “High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus”

Is the Delta Variant more deadly than previous Covid-19 variants?

No, the Delta Variant is not more deadly than the ancestral variants.

According to published data from the UK Government the Delta variant has a 0.1% case fatality rate (CFR) out of 31,132 Delta sequence infections. This is a similar CFR to the flu and a much lower rate than the ancestral Alpha or Beta strain.

Are the vaccines safe?

According to data from the The Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN), between 1/1/2021 and 19/08/2021 there has been 50,170 reports of adverse side effects from Covid-19 vaccines in Australia with 472 cases where death was an associated outcome.

During that same period, there have been 13,768 cases and 67 deaths associated with Covid-19.

Both sets of statistics show correlation, not necessary causation. i.e. a death is someone who dies with Covid-19 or with a Covid-19 vaccine in their system.

Can vaccines protect someone against a non-pharmaceutical government response, such as a lockdown?

No, it is impossible for an injected substance to have any scientific connection with actions taken by an authority such as a government. To take a vaccine to solve a non-medical problem such as a lockdown or restricted freedoms is a preposterous concept.

Why should we considering mandating the population to take this vaccines and add them to their vaccine passport?

The work on a digital vaccine passport, funded by the Gates and Rockefeller families, would enable these centralised entities to oversee a passport that can be “used for continuity of care or as proof of vaccination for purposes other than health care”.

The WHO Science Council settled on the broad field of medical genomics as our first long-term target”.

This work would need to be supported by private enterprise and “well-endowed foundations must act, whether from generosity or self-interest, to expand genomics and information exchange.”

Establishing a technological “beachhead” could be a prelude to sustained growth of genomic capacities that improve medical care and public health more generally.

In short, a vaccine passport would help to provide the likes of Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Klaus Schwab and other technocrats with a digital tracking system for all global citizens. This would also help them to facilitate better management of our own personal health and medical care, of course.

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