About Me

I was born in ‘88 in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in a middle class household, with parents who spent every cent putting me through private school. I spent most of my school life getting into fights and painting trains, but pulled my head out in my final year to get myself into a Commerce degree at Melbourne University. I never really got into uni life and graduated with a finance major in ‘09, peak GFC.

There was no jobs in finance. But I’ve always been more comfortable going against the status quo anyway, so I embarked on a career doing mostly random things. I don’t think I’d last a week on the corporate hamster wheel, plus I’ve always preferred to focus my energy on gaming systems rather than being a thankless player within one.

I’ve done pretty well for myself. I’ve started two businesses that failed, one that did really well and another one thats still going. My wife and I have been married four years and we’ve got a beautiful little daughter. We own two inner suburban houses, a decent portfolio of assets and I can count on one hand the number of bath & bed times I’ve missed in 18 months. Given most fellow millennials work 60+ hour weeks and have a negative net worth, I’m going relatively well.

But this casino we call the world is rigged. And the more time goes on, the more rigged it gets and the more rotten our society becomes. We need to tear this system down and rebuild it.

I’ve decided I don’t want to keep going along with it. I think our society’s definition of success and happiness has become completely warped – ‘It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom’.

I’m simplifying everything. I want to remove all reliance that I have on this system – whether thats material or spiritual in nature.

This blog is the journal on someone watching this rotten system collapse on itself from the outside.

There’s some principles I will follow:-

No social media share buttons. I’m not looking for clickbait headlines or easy one click distribution of my ideas. If you like or dislike what you read, spend some time digesting it. Maybe even print it out. If you want to share it, copy the link and send it along with some of your thoughts on what you agreed or disagreed with.

No profile, followers, payment, or dopamine hits. I am using this blog to write freely, with no agenda other than to express my ideas for those who want to read them. There’s no ‘like’ buttons on posts, they don’t attach to any ‘virtual’ profile and I’m not getting paid to write them. I will write because I want to write, not because my happiness depends on some virtual person (or a bot) providing me with a dopamine hit.

All long form content. The social media age had created a society full of people with attention spans that are shorter than that of a goldfish. This is unhealthy. These articles will require your full attention for 10, 20, 30+ minutes. Let’s train our minds to start digesting content properly again.